Knowing When to Walk Away

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It’s taken me a while to decide I finally wanted to write this blog. I’d have days where I found myself angry, and I’d want to write this purely out of frustration. But once I’d leveled with myself, I knew I had to write it, not fueled by the injustice I felt, but so others in similar situations might also find the strength to walk away. THE GOOD Workplaces are tough.… Read More »Knowing When to Walk Away

Keeping Your Content as Fresh as Local Produce

I’m going to begin by saying this: if you don’t have a social content calendar, you need one. It’s vital that you’re staying consistent and visible to your followers and potential followers. Additionally, it’ll free up hours of your time that you would otherwise be spending wondering what content to post each morning. But I’ll go into my obsession with content calendars in a later blog. — Every month, after… Read More »Keeping Your Content as Fresh as Local Produce

Wondering How to ACTUALLY Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy?

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Gone are the days where humans trust companies – the trust has been ruined. Companies have far too long lied to the consumer, plastering fake advertisements and fake testimonials everywhere, for the consumer to see. Consumers don’t trust us anymore, and do you blame them? Companies lie to [and deceive] consumers in order to increase the bottom line, with no regard for the consumer. However, what do humans have to… Read More »Wondering How to ACTUALLY Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy?

#SMMW19: The 5 Largest Takeaways

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Last week, I attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego for the first time. If you’ve never been, but you’re in the social media business, I highly suggest you attend next year (I already got my ticket). There were vendors, attendees from every industry, and incredibly inspiring speakers. Additionally, no one was judging you as you walked around, live streaming your entire experience, with your hand held out in… Read More »#SMMW19: The 5 Largest Takeaways

“Out of the Box” Marketing and Other Magical Unicorns

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Your client wants to increase engagement, organically, and at an exponential rate. I’m talking a 25% increase in engagement within a month – along with thousands of new followers. At first, you cringed, knowing that your client has absolutely no understanding of how social media works, especially the difficulties you face with organic social. Unfortunately, they don’t care either – they only care about numbers. But that’s okay – everything… Read More »“Out of the Box” Marketing and Other Magical Unicorns