About Me

About me
Hi there! A life-long native of Seattle, I enjoy sports, the outdoors, and my daily cup of coffee. I almost exclusively follow dogs on Instagram, and every Saturday morning, I am at the top of a hill or mountain in Orange County as I continue my journey to hike every trail in the area. Additionally, I enjoy spending time in my kayak, wandering through a nearby animal sanctuary. An avid eater, I’m also constantly exploring the home-cooked food world.

My workplace philosophies
I’m not a typical 9-5 worker, and I never will be, whether you think that’s good or bad. I work until a job is complete because I know that other people’s lives don’t end at 5. I don’t wait for my boss or marketing manager to tell me what needs to be done – I predict a need, and I take care of it before someone else puts it on my radar.  I am an ambitious self-starter who taught herself how to code when she was 10, opening me up to the ever-expanding world of programming languages. I sense a need, and I fill it, even if it means learning on my own time.

My Education
I moved to California in 2009 to earn my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, as a frequent member of the Dean’s List. I began as a computer science major and gained valuable programming knowledge before I switched. My introduction into the sports industry sparked my interest in marketing, as I constantly experimented on our social media accounts to see what increased our engagements. I enrolled in Marist College to pursue my Master of Arts degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, and I graduated cum laude as a part of Lambda Pi Eta at the end of 2017.

What can I do for you?
Graphic Design Experience – 4 years professionally + 4 year degree
Website & Coding Experience – 3.5 years professionally + CS Minor + 10 years unprofessionally
Digital Marketing/Social Media Experience – 3 years professionally
Motion Graphics/Video Experience – 1.5 years professionally


B.F.A | Graphic Design – 2014 | University of the Pacific

M.A. | Integrated Marketing Communications – 2017 | Marist College